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Impact Measurement & Management
Learning & Support Platform


Impact measurement and management (IMM) remains a significant challenge for organisations around the world. The EIB Institute sponsors IMM learning and development opportunities for SIT Alumni members via 1-to-1 support from IMM consultants and e-learning/webinar courses. These services are provided by inFocus, a social impact consultancy firm that has designed and implemented social impact measurement and management solutions in over 40 countries across the globe.

1-to-1 IMM Clinic

SIT Alumni members can now access remote 1-to-1 IMM support from an inFocus consultant. Receive information, advice and guidance that directly addresses your IMM needs.

e-Learning & Webinars

inFocus have applied 15 years of IMM experience to develop interactive and immersive e-learning and webinar courses. The courses offer a deep-dive into key IMM topics including participatory IMM, developing a theory of change, data collection methods and communicating your impact.